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 Dragon Well - "Lung Ching"
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Not all Chamomile teas are alike! This naturally caffeine free tea is ...

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  • We grind and mill our ingredients onsite to bring out the richest flavours.

  • All of our teas are blended and packaged in Canada to bring you the freshest
    teas possible.

  • As proud members of TransFair Canada we are working with a growing range of
    Fair Trade certified ingredients.

  • Our teas are Kosher certified, we only use natural ingredients, no
    flavours or preservatives

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    Dragon Well - "Lung Ching"
    This tea has a delicious floral scent with a sweet flavour. Unusual flattened jade green leaves. The liquor is pale yellow/golden colour. Dragon Well is said to help keep the mind clear during late nights.

    Ingredients: Green tea (China)

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    Imperial Keemun
    The “Imperial” designation is applied only to China’s finest quality Keemun teas. This regal black tea has a smooth creamy flavour with delightful burgundy notes, and it brews to a rich golden colour. Imperial Keemun may be savored on its own, or you may wish to enjoy it lightly sweetened, with or without a dash of milk.

    Ingredients: Black tea (Keemun)
    Availability: Loose Teas

    If you would like more information about our teas please call us at: (514) 904-0196 or email:
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